Faye, organized my 60th surprise birthday party. Everything was perfect, the menu, decoration, music and the ambiance! She is very professional, reliable and efficient! I highly recommend her!
— Andrée Poulin

Professional and lovely! Highly recommended.
— Audrey

Faye was absolutely the best! As a bride you really want to take in the entire day because to goes by so quickly! I never realized how many things the day off the wedding that happens, that’s would of taken me away from enjoying the day. Originally I told myself I could handle everything but I’m so glad that Faye literally handled everything and I hired her for my wedding coordinator! She had every set up and ready exactly the way I wanted it! It was so nice to have one pint of contact to help me coordinate with other throughout the day. With 300 people at my wedding it was amazing smooth and she did a excellent job of making sure everything stayed according to schedule and making my day stress free! Thanks so much to Faye! Evan and I could party the whole day knowing you were running around in the back ground making sure everything was perfect for us💜
— Taylor Burgess
She is absolutely fantastic! Hard worker, dedicated to her clients, and a lovely person!
— Matthew Bayer
For your event, you can count on Faye ! She’s the best !
— Jolyanne
Amazing to work with.
— Matt Kuhn